Monday, March 22, 2010

Hats Off to Church Administrative Assistants

We are having lots of fun at the Tennesssee Baptist Convention with Ministry Assistants from all over the state.  We have discovered that they are fabulous singers!!!  Their sweet spirits and their enthusiasm for serving God in their churches is contagious!  How about those snacks during the break session...cream cheese and pepper jelly on a wheat thin...ever who thought up that idea should get a prime time spot on the Food Network Channel.  YUM!!!  It was a great day! 

Now to our friend Ms. Madge GPS.  Going straight .8 of mile will not work when there are curbs and trees in front of the vehicle. Any yes Paige typing in the word East instead of West can cause a vehicle to end up at a different destination than planned.

A wonderful surprise came to me while in Nashville.  Two girls (well they were girls twenty some years ago) who lived in my building at CNC came to visit with Paige, Jenn, and me.  I was their DORM MOM.  Kristi brought her scrapbook.  We reminisced...laughed...cried!  It was such a meaningful time for me!  Kristi had in her scrapbook a report notice I had written her...well I still write reports today...she stole my silverware...well you guessed it...I wrote her a report.  A mom is always a mom!  Kristi and Amy thank you so much for blessing me with your presence!

The Lord used that time with those two lovely women to open a possible door for my book Dan Dan Moved to Heaven.  Kristi has a contact at Thomas Nelson Publishing.  He made a contact and has someone interested in reviewing the book!  I gave Kristi a copy to give to Him.  Pray for His will!  Lord I trust You!

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