Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Story to Tell!

I’ve known Paige since the day she was born. Her dad and mom so graciously encouraged me along in my walk with the Lord through my pre-teen and teenage years. I got to watch Paige grow up. But my favorite part was listening to her sing. When I closed my eyes and listened to her sing…I felt I could touch God…I still feel that way today!

Jenn worked for me as a Student Resident Assistant at Carson-Newman College over twenty years ago. The first time I heard her sing, I knew God had something special in store for her. God placed beautiful music in her heart. God would send her lyrics that would give me cold chills when I heard them. I always cried…I still do today!

Paige came to Carson-Newman during that same time. She and Jenn became instant friends. Both children of fathers in the ministry…both outstanding musicians and singers…both loved the Lord. Way back then they had a dream of going on the road and singing for the Lord. Today we still laugh about their dream of getting on that bus and heading to Nashville.

Now let’s fast forward to today. All those years ago, God knew He was going to blend our lives together again. Now that is one amazing story! (This is still very surreal for us). This time we are…older…wiser (haha)…wives…moms…career women…all the while desiring more from our individual journey with our Lord. Out of that desire… takinghold Ministries was formed a little over four years ago.

We didn’t even begin to understand all that He had in store for us through takinghold Ministries. Man, has he ever been teaching us lessons…how not to be a control freak…learning to say I’m sorry…on letting go and actually trusting Him…how to wrestle with matters of the heart choosing to include Him in the wrestling match…job changes…and the list goes on and on. So for the three of us takinghold of Him has come to mean so much more to us.

In this blog I hope we all can learn from each other’s stories on how to take hold of Him. I hope you will join us on this learning journey.

Today we are getting on the BUS (really a van) and heading to Nashville…yes I SAID NASHVILLE!!! (God does give us the desires of our heart even if it is over twenty years later).  takinghold will be in concert and lead in worship at the TBC Secretaries Conference. Church Secretaries are some of the most gifted and loving women in our churches. It is an honor to go and worship with them! Paige, Jenn, and I have had some very special church secretaries invest a lot of time loving us! WE APPLAUD YOU LADIES!

Goodnight All!

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